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MixMob: Racer 1 Shares Details on Latest Alpha Release

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Alpha version 2 includes features like a referral system, weekly leaderboards, a multiplayer system and UI upgrades.

MixMob Releases Alpha V2

MixMob has unveiled the latest alpha version of its Racer 1 game. This announcement came on September 20 as the development team worked on Alpha V2, an upgrade after Alpha V1 completed its three-week run in April. V1 saw more than 60% of NFT holders playing the game, with an average of 14 minutes of gameplay per session.

Alpha V1 was limited to PvE mode, but the new version supports PvP, and only Geno Mask NFTs can participate in this version. Thus, players can refer their friends and compete with them.

Features of Alpha V2

Alpha V2 has some key features; the major one is a multiplayer system. Apart from playing with AI, players can link themselves together, select a match and start playing against each other. This feature is in testing mode and will be limited to two sets of two-hours windows every week on Thursday and Friday. However, single-player will be available throughout the game.

There is a new Greek-themed track, and players can switch from the environment they are used to competing. The details of this track are kept secret and will be unveiled later. In addition, there is a new card deck and a better card enhancement. This includes Pulse Pips, 3D projectiles for attack cards, UI improvements, and rebalance between Cards and the Health system. Players can only compete in one weekly tournament, and winners will earn 75 SOL and be announced two days after the PvP arenas close.

The top 25 players that win competitions will register their names in the weekly PvE and PvP leaderboard. If players have a tie in the number of matches won, the leaderboard will prioritise the player who reached more wins first. There are also new UI features like minimap, UI for cards, multiple enhancements, and better Health and Shield bars.

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