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MLB The Show 21 Won’t Support Year-to-Year Saves, But Will Support Cross-Saves

Sony recently lifted the lid on MLB The Show 21, revealing that the franchise will, for the first time ever, be going multiplatform, and mark the first every PlayStation first party game to release on Xbox as well. Some other changes will be coming with this new instalment as well though.

For starters, developers SIE San Diego Studio have confirmed in an FAQ page that the year-to-year saves feature that MLB games often have, which allows players to carry over saves from older instalments into newer releases, will not be present in MLB The Show 21, which means everyone is going to have to start from scratch.

That said, there is some good news as well. The developers have confirmed that MLB The Show 21 will support cross-saves, so those who’re playing on PlayStation will be able to transfer their saves to Xbox and pick up where they left off on a different platform.

MLB The Show 21 is due out on April 20 for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, and Xbox One. If you’re planning on purchasing the game’s standard edition, you should know that you won’t get the option for free next-gen upgrades.

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