There’s a significant change – Activision.

Besides the arrival of Season 1, modern Warfare second has added new major features, which have brought some improvements and changed some its more popular features.

Season 1 officially began on the two Call of Duty sequels, among them the new Warzone 2, on November 16.

The new equipment and controls have been introduced to the combat pass system, now running like a map.

However, Modern Warfare 2 has also seen some changes in quality of life, some of which should be treated with warm love by already complaining fans.

First thing you’ll notice when opening Modern Warfare 2 is that menu UI has now been changed, with tons of hate on social media.

Because it hasn’t been completely overhauled, you’ll notice it more smoothly, quicker, and easily readable. The camo screen also gets upgraded to show off your unlocked camos.

If you want to keep track of your core multiplayer stats there is no need to wait, as the combat record is also coming in Modern Warfare 2.

Over all, the call card menu has been redesigned and shows new features, which are necessary for each unlock.

The Drill Charge should stick to riot shields and kill enemies always, even if they have chosen Bomb Squad as an insult to the sham.

Other side, weapon tweaks and general strategy, as well as greater accuracy and strafe speed.

It was under the spotlight of the Kastov-74u assault rifle, that increased its hip fire and reduced its speed, so the power was reduced.

Other assault rifles, such as the M16, have got a lot of aff, as it now boasts an increased firerate, a tighter hip fire spread and a sharper recoil pattern. The M16 should be better prepared, for example with a reduction in hand-gun firing and a boost in the grouping of shots.

Battle rifle FTac Recon received several boosts, which made its ADS faster, allowing the players to utilise its small, five-round magazine. The FTac Recon has always been a powerful option for more experienced players, but now enemies will grow more and more when they shoot their own.

The SP-R 208 marksman rifle has been nominated, but it is remarkably popular with many visitors, but it has been hit with an incredible increase in output.

Download the full list of Patch notes for Season 1 and 2 in Modern Warfare.

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