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MonkeyLeague announces NFT Breeding feature launching on October 26

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The breeding feature of the turn-based soccer title will first open to owners of Monkey NFTs who are verified as MonkeyPioneers in the game’s official Discord server.

Developer UnCaged Studios has announced the release date of the NFT Breeding feature for MonkeyLeague, a turn-based soccer title.

The feature is scheduled to launch on October 26 and will first open only to MonkeyPioneers, that is, holders of a Monkey NFT whose ownership is verified on Discord. Before breeding launches, there will be a limited, whitelisted capsule sale that is also reserved for Monkey NFT owners verified as MonkeyPioneers on Discord. The sale is planned to be done on the Magic Eden NFT marketplace, and will potentially end up requiring the game’s core token, $MBS, to purchase a capsule. More info will be revealed in the near future.

Every Monkey NFT will have a max breeding limit of 4, while breeding “2 Monkeys that are directly related (Father-Son, Siblings)” will not be possible. The first time a player breeds will end up being free, while later breeds will require a continuously increased amount of $MBS. In order to breed, aside from needing 2 Monkey NFTs that aren’t directly related, players will also need to have a Breeding Capsule, which is a one-time use tradable SFT (Semi-Fungible Token).

The developers plan to provide more detailed information on this upcoming feature during the next few weeks.

The web3 Solana-based title is set to be the first game in a franchise of eSports titles, all of which will have their own token alongside the franchise’s governance token, $SCORE. In MonkeyLeague, players create a team of at least 4 Monkey NFTs in order to engage in turn-based, strategic matches, earning $MBS as a reward. The first game mode, PvE, is scheduled to launch in Q4 this year.

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