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MonkeyLeague launches World Cup Breeding Season

Breeding comes with no fees, and the incubation period is three days.

Details of Breeding Season 

Monkey League has announced the launch of its World Cup Breeding Season, which will take place on November 27th. The season is peculiar because World Cup happens once every four years, which means it is a season for the MonkeyBooks and the rewards players will get are limited.

As an incentive to players, the gaming platform will maintain a zero breeding fee while reducing the breeding incubation period to three days from five days. 

Players must have at least two breedable MonkeyLeague  MonkeyAthletes and a breeding capsule. During breeding, the new MonkeyAthlete has a 31.5% probability of receiving traits from parent A, a 31.5% chance of receiving from parent B, and a 37% chance of receiving a mutated trait. As players breed during the World Cup season, they will have a 60% probability of receiving from any of the 24 countries represented. 

At the moment, breeding capsule allocations are done through a registration process. Those who missed the previous processing must be ready and not miss the coming one. Players that don’t have at least two MonkeyAthletes to breed can purchase from the MonkeySpace or directly at Magic Eden.

MonkeyLeague is a web3-based turn-based soccer game where players can build their team, using them to win tournaments and matches and climb up the league ladder. The game uses high-production value and multiplayer gameplay using the Solana blockchain, NFTs, and decentralized finance to create a game with immersive activities.

About MonkeyLeague 

MonkeyLeague was produced by Game OS, a platform owned by UnCaged Studios. UnCaged Studios is a leader in the production of quality web3 games. The company is led by a team of veterans and gaming experts in the web3 industry with more than 100 years of combined experience. 

Through Game OS, the Studio provides technical functionality, infrastructure and live operations to web3 services.

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