A new adventure called “Leave” has been released today. This year, the event showed a look at what is going on in the game because of the sunbreak expansion.

On the first show, the upcoming Title Update 3 was incorporated in the original category. Players now get to believe that Anomaly squints will rise to level 200, and adding more monsters to Anomaly squints.

For the players to do more, there will be weekly event quests that reward a wide array of cosmetics upon completion. The fact that you can take a top hat for your Palamute is definitely worth it. Title Update 3 is available for the 24th of Nov.

If you’re looking for more than useless weapons, upcoming DLC content was shown off that will let you wield various monsters from the game, but in very cute plushie ops. If the cute look weren’t enough, these weapons would go on. The trailer for Title Update 3 contained a look at this DLC Stuffed Monster, but the trailer uploaded after the event gave a direct look at all the weapons.

We don’t know how much this CLC will cost, but we can expect it to arrive with Title Update on Nov. 24.

The first big announcement was a free DLC for everybody. That’ll play a new character character called Kagami. The renowned Kagami character is said to be the leader of the Royal Secret Service.

Capcom is already planning to the future, too. This stream states that Title Update 4 is set to be released in winter 2023 and will contain an elder dragon. Since Title Update 1 was released in August, and then Title Update 2 was released in September, the Title Update 4 may go on sometime in January or February.