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Mortal Online Latest Solutions To Bad Client Optimization

The latest news that reached us from Star Vault and its sandbox MMO Mortal Online weren’t very good. Many of the players were complaining about the poor optimization that the client had after adding one of the latest updates to the game.

After a while it seems developers have found the why said failed, and better yet, they already have the solution on the way. Apparently the problem lay in the new armor models, especially if several players with their newly released armor were together in the same area. The rest of the characters saw their clients slow down, their FPS drop drastically, and Mortal Online became practically unplayable.

Along with the announcement of the solution, which is already on the way, they have also wanted to give good news to their loyal followers, and that is that the territory control system is still under development and is quite advanced.

You have more details about this in the official forum.


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