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Move-to-Earn Fitness App SPEXY is Now Live in Closed Beta

Anybody can sign up for the closed beta and try out SPEXY’s play-to-earn (P2E) features with free tokens and NFTs.

All you need to know about SPEXY’s beta test

SPEXY, a move-to-earn fitness app that combines learn-to-earn elements, has launched into closed beta. The beta test is now available on Android. Anyone can sign up to explore how P2E works in this blockchain game. 

Developed by Web3 ecosystem A4 Finance, SPEXY is a new move-to-earn game with a mix of educational features. Here, players take on the role of an NFT Robot avatar to complete two daily tasks, namely covering a distance of 5km on foot or in a vehicle, followed by taking a test after reading an educational article. 

Once done, players will be rewarded with XP tokens, which can be exchanged for $SPEXY – the native token of the app, or spent on Robot upgrades to get even more XPs. Each XP is pegged to $0.06 and can be cashed out when the in-app Swap function is live. 

According to the team, each beta tester will be funded with free A4 tokens for gas fees and a free Robot Model S to play the game. Beta testers can also access valuable prizes in SPEXY and exclusive channels in the game’s Discord to recruit allies and scholars for their team. 

If you’re interested in joining the beta, just follow SPEXY on Twitter and create an A4 crypto wallet. Once done, make sure to join SPEXY’s official Discord and submit your proof of Twitter subscription along with your A4 wallet address and QR code to the #ticket channel. 

As of writing, SPEXY has rolled out its NFT renting feature for the beta test. This will allow users to rent Robots from other players for free and earn some XPs by playing the game. No upfront cost is involved, as XP rewards will be split based on a fixed percentage.  

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