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MU Origin available in Europe and America

webzen today announced in a press release the launch of MU Origin on mobiles. The game is operational from today for iOS and Android, both mobile phones and tablets. In MU Origin we will have three classes to choose from and explore the world. Thousands of quests, daily quests, dungeons, PvP arenas, and an engaging main story.

MU origin is an MMORPG that puts players at the controls of a hero who must face and navigate a vast fantasy world. It is the mobile adaptation of MU Online, one of the most played and long-lived MMOs that exist. For this launch, the interface has been changed and the controls have been optimized so that the gaming experience is completely optimal.

MU: Origin is coming to the mobile MMORPG market with three different classes: Dark Knight, Dark Wizard, and Elf. The Dark Knight is a melee DPS/tank. The Dark Wizard uses magic of various kinds to finish off his enemies. Lastly, the Elf is a ranged class that can also heal its allies.

Among its features we can find that it is a 3D MMO with a good amount of content, among which the character customization, arenas, daily dungeons, personal story, party dungeons and the Endless Tower.

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