Elon Musk has the new owners of Twitter still plans on forge ahead with paid verification on the platform, but apparently learning little from the recent fiasco.

In a recent tweet, Musk announced that Twitter Blue is going to launch again on November 29th to ensure it’s solid.

Following a quick refresh, Twitter started an updated version of its Blue subscription on November 9th. Customers who signed on for the 99-year subscription had their blue checkmark next to their name. This checkmark was used previously to verify Twitter’s authenticity-based account count, mainly as a tool that can be used to prevent people from impersonating high-profile accounts like those of government officials, corporations, celebrities or journalists.

I punting relaunch of Blue Vault from November 29th to guarantee that it’s robust enough to be made to be solid.

Elon Musk. You can call him “olemusk” November 15, 2022

Basically, everyone with a minimum of foresight knew paid verification was a bad idea. Following the success of a Twitter’s trust and safety team, the four-page document detailed the potential problems and solutions in a seven-page document for Musk and his cohort ahead of the November 9 launch. Naturally, Musk ignored most of the suggestions, and, as predicted, paid verification resulted in a massive amount of sales amidst the dingle. Accounts with the new pay badge enlisted names, officials and more, made lost money. The Prime Minister of Ontario was an account even parodied. It was fun watching the chaos unfold.

Musk tweeted his apparent plan to deal with impersonations. His goal is to remove the blue checkmark while changing their names. The check mark is returned to accounts if the new name is confirmed by Twitter. Although Musk had removed a substantial chunk of Twitter staff, racked most of the company’s contract employees and issued a rule for those who remain willing to put in long hours or quit, it still remains unclear who will vetting all these names changes. It is also unclear whether Twitter will vet accounts when they sign up for Blue.

Musk reiterated plans to remove unpaid legacy checkmarks in a few months, and also tweeted about X again, calling it the all app.

Outside of Blue-inspired changes, Musk tweeted a few additional details on the ongoing Twitter projects. Lesk, Jane Manchun Wong, tweeted evidence that Twitter worked on end-to-end encrypted DMs. Wong also tweeted that the source detail that shows the app that the person he came from was gone in the app prototype she looked at. It’s a sad time seeing tweets go as well as the fun people spotted using Android to watch ads posted on their iPhones.

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A source: Elon Musk’s Via: The Verge.