October 17, 2022 at 12.21 by Claus Ludewig. YouTube announced that the video streaming service will soon be subject to a hefty charge on the sharing of accounts. With a new function, the cost is prepared.

In some countries, a new feature has been released this year for an estimated two million dollars. The end of 2023, Netflix officially allows subscribers to share their Netflix account with people who don’t live in the same house. The app and the website will now have a new function. A Netflix account shows which devices were last used to watch movies and movies. You can log down from other devices at a time.

Simply unsubscribing is meant to prevent abuse.

There’s a new menu item, Devices and Access on the Account. Here you can see when, with which device and which IP address Netflix had last viewed with this user account. Netflix indicates that city is near the IP address, as well. The company is proposing a new option to prevent abuse. If the holiday season is shorter, subscriber-simming subscribers are more accustomed to becoming connected to a mobile device as they visit relatives or forget to sign out. With the new system, subscribers can easily unsubscribe from home even when the end user is with friends. This new option is available for Android, iOS and Netflix. The setting isn’t available yet on smart TVs or streaming sticks such as the Fire TV Stick.

The cost of sharing accounts is on the rise for the next year. As soon as the provider registers that users are using Netflix or other services for more than their own household, the access is blocked. You must pay a bit more to continue accessing Netflix. In some countries, subscribers can register up to three addresses where the streaming service can be used no additional charge. The amount of the difference currently isn’t clear.

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Beginning in 2023, Netflix will let subscribers share their Netflix account with those who don’t live within the same household. There’s an additional fee for this. Netflix has added a new function to its feature and is intended to prevent abuse. The Netflix account shows the time of day when television shows on the internet. Since a remote location allows you to stop the other devices. This feature was designed for paid account sharing.

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