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New Action RPG Combine Assassin’s Creed With Wuxia

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Everstone has announced an ambitious RPG called Where Winds Meet. It will transport us to the vast open world of medieval China.

Chinese studio Everstone has announced an ambitious open-world RPG. We are talking about Where Winds Meet, which may turn out to be a title that will reach not only Asian audiences, but also Western gamers. All thanks to a peculiar combination of elements of cinema and wuxia literature with gameplay that resembles the standards known from familiar productions.

Where Winds Meet will take the players to medieval China of the Ten Kingdoms period. By the time the action begins, the era will be over, but we are still talking about very dangerous times. We are about to enter a world where entire dynasties can fall in a matter of moments and thus change the lives of thousands of people.

Great adventure in medieval China

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Gameplay on the presented trailer, on the other hand, looks both exotic and familiar. On the one hand, we are dealing here with classic elements of literature and wuxia cinema. So our protagonist will be a warrior with downright supernatural abilities.

In the game we will use a ton of skills that defy the laws of physics, such as hovering in the air, running on water or incredible acrobatics during combat. We will also be able to immobilize enemies, control the wind and use many other supernatural skills.

At the same time, we will develop our skills in a rather classic way, unlocking more as we progress through the game. We will also visit a huge open world full of side activities and beautiful places to explore. In scenes of walking through a medieval city Where Winds Meet looks like a game that could have been made by any of the notable Western studios.

In addition, the way we navigate the world and the smooth transitions from walking to running across rooftops should appeal to Assassin’s Creed fans.

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