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New details and trailers of the 4 new games that Pearl Abyss prepares

This morning the guys from Pearl Abyss have held the conference where they have shown for the first time the trailers of the 4 new projects they are embarking on. You can see the full conference at the end of the article but I will summarize it in a few points.


The battle royale that was originally inside Black Desert and is now released as a standalone game.

  • Same universe as Black Desert
  • Different iconic characters from Black Desert
  • 6 heroes featured
  • More characters at launch
  • CBT next week (I will register)


  • The first pearl abyss shooter
  • open world MMO
  • PC and consoles
  • They aspire to create a new generation shooter that breaks molds
  • Large open world and story
  • A unique shooter with MMO elements
  • Robotic equipment that players can carry that will give them special abilities and there will be many types of these equipment


  • An MMO where players accompanied by creatures (Dokebi) travel through an open world full of playable content
  • It was planned for mobile but will be released first on PC and consoles
  • Trailer with in-game images


  • In the world of black desert
  • Game born from the desire to tell a story about the past of Black Desert
  • Except for some tributes they have created a whole new world, religions, unique characters of Crimson Desert
  • Single player story campaign with the services of mercenaries that you can hire
  • And a lot of content based on a more traditional MMORPG style
  • Action combat system
  • For PC and consoles

Watch the full conference Pearl Abyss Connect


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