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New hires for the Ashes of Creation team that already has more than 100 members

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The team of Intrepid Studios It keeps growing and adding new additions. this month the studio receives 7 new members with experience in the field of MMOs. Many of them come from companies like DayBreak and are also former SOE workers. With these 7 new additions July Intrepid Studios already reaches the 100 members of the team dedicated to the creation of his ambitious MMORPG Ashes of Creation.

“In the last year, we’ve grown incredibly fast and have been fortunate to bring on board some of the most talented MMO veterans,” said Creative Director and Founder, Steven Sharif. “It’s very exciting to see your dreams come true and ultimately create an MMORPG that players can be proud of.”

These are the new members of the study:

  • Michael Roca – Senior Gameplay Programmer (Formerly Disney, Daybreak, SOE and EA)
  • Grat Crabtree – Senior Software Engineer (Formerly of Daybreak and SOE)
  • Devin Lafontaine – Senior Artist (Formerly Daybreak, SOE, Sigil Games)
  • Tad Ehrlich – Senior Artist (Formerly Daybreak, SOE, Midway Games)
  • Garrett Fern – Senior Game Designer (Formerly Daybreak and SOE)
  • Zin Chiang – Senior Producer (Formerly Travian Games and Publishing)
  • Midori Bond – Executive Assistant (Formerly Senior GM and Customer Service at SOE)

Intrepid also reminds us that July is the last month to get the pack with access to Alpha 1. At the moment Alpha 1 already has 8,000 players and they don’t want to exceed 10,000. (At the time of writing the news, the access packs are being updated and are not available)

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