The new cutscene from Hogwarts Legacy began during the Autodesk Vision series, a technology event which showed a hippogriff in need of help and screengrabs of the games character customization screen.

The creeping hippogriff (like a creature from the Harry Potter movies Wizarding World), attacked by a trio of dark wizards as they chased the hippogriff in the cinematic. A lion looks on as as two Gryffindor students are concerned. The student tried trying to intervene after the attack.

There are new movies from the #HogwartsLegacy film.

Hogwarts Historical News (@HogLegNews) August 3, 2022.

The technology event helped to show the skills the developer uses to create the characters in the game, and share 2 screengrabs showing up some of the character customization. The full picture of the menu isn’t revealed, but a picture of the dozens of options of clothing, face sizes and hairstyles can be taken up. Players will be able to customize their characters as they wish.

Maya and Motion Builder are both Autodesk apps that were used for the production of Hogwarts Legacy and are integral to the quality of cinematics and other equipment that will be present in the game.

Character Customization #HogwartsLegacy

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Hogwarts Legacy is built in the late 1800s before Harry Potter’s events. WB Games hasn’t announced a release date yet, but it’s going to come out late 2022.