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New Pokemon Games Set Records [UPDATE: Players Fight for Refunds]

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have broken the series record. Gamers don’t care about technical problems and reviewer opinions – they buy the games like there’s no tomorrow.

The launch of the new generation of Pokemon games took place six days ago. Since then, despite the rather unflattering reviewer opinions, the Scarlet and Violet duology managed to set a new popularity record for the series.

As reported on Nintendo’s official website, the games Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet sold a combined 10 million copies worldwide within three days of their release, leaving previous installments of the series in the dust.

The success was not entirely unexpected – the this was already indicated by the highest number of pre-orders in the history of the series. Even weaker reviews did not hinder the achievement of Scarlet and Violetaverage rating recently dropped to 76/100, with only 56% of critics recommending the purchase.

Considering the technical problems that weighed on the lower ratings, consumers have unequivocally made it clear to developers that how a game works doesn’t mean as much to them as ambitious innovations. How will this reflect on the quality of the next installments? Time will tell.

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