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New PS5 Custom Faceplate Company Insists It Is Able To ‘Sell Safely’

Game Armor, a new peripheral-based company that is now taking pre-orders for unofficial PS5 faceplates, insists the outlet is able to sell safely despite other companies recently being given legal threats from format holder Sony.

PS5 Faceplate Company Says It’s Able To Sell Safely

You may recall that PlateStation5.com was forced to rebrand after being contacted by Sony for selling unofficial PS5 faceplates. The company has since relaunched as CustomizeMyPlates.com.

Now, Game Armor is offering similar products, including blue, red and matte black PS5 custom faceplates all available for pre-order on its website, where they are selling for $34.99.

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Game Armor was launched by content creator CptnAlex, who issued the following statement on Twitter in regards to previous companies being slapped on the wrist by Sony.

Because our name isn’t deceptively close to a trademarked one, because our product doesn’t include trademarked logos, and because our armor is designed differently enough to not infringe on design patents, we’re able to sell safely.

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