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New PS5 Game From Sony London Studio Could Feature Procedural Worlds And Content

SIE London Studio is busy staffing up for a new PS5 project, and after a bit more digging around in the job descriptions at the company, it appears that the new project could incorporate procedural worlds and content.

The job description for a Procedural Technical Artist reads as follows:

Use your knowledge of procedural content generation to help deliver efficient, iterative pipelines for generating AAA Environment Art, Materials, and other Art content.

It further adds that the successful applicant requires “good knowledge and experience with Houdini for generating procedural worlds,” as well as experience in “developing technical art including procedural content, shaders, tools, and optimization for games.”

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London Studio openly confirmed last week that it is working on an online PS5 game as its next project, with multiple job openings at the company now available.

[Source – London Studio Jobs via PSLS]

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