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Nexon abandons the development of Dragon Hound, another of its MMOs for PC

Nexon gives a new setback to PC gamers. Behind the cancellation of Peria Chronicles now we discover the cancellation of another ambitious MMO for PC. As reported MMO CultureNexon confirms the abandonment of the development of Dragon Hound.

All these movements are certainly part of the internal restructuring that Nexon is suffering in recent months.

It was also stated that the company will “aggressively scale” for new projects, and when employees “look back three years from now,” they’ll agree that internal restructuring and game cancellations “were a necessary step for healthy growth.” Nexon also announced its latest financial report for the third quarter (July to September 2019) yesterday, with sales for its business worldwide declining.

Dragon Hound was an ambitious PC MMO developed with Unreal Engine 4. Many of you will remember them for being that kind of Monster Hunter with horses and machine guns.

Source | MMO Culture


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