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Nike Finally Launches Swoosh Platform

Renowned sportswear brand, Nike unveils Swoosh platform, plans to build more interaction in the virtual space.

Few weeks after announcing plans to unveil the Swoosh platform, Nike has finally rolled out the interactive metaverse platform. The newly launched metaverse platform would allow users to interact and create Nike digital sneakers in the virtual world. 

According to the General Manager of Nike Virtual Studios, Ron Faris, he said it will be possible to collect, trade, and showcase Nike virtual items through this product. The platform will also allow users to participate in IRL events using their integrated metaverse creations. For a while now, the giant sportswear brand has been showing great interest in the Web3 sector. Nike is actiively pulling the real and virtual world together to provide an overall satisfactory experience for metaverse users. 

Nike: The Metaverse Journey So Far

Nike was triggered to join the metaverse race in 2021 after Facebook’s parent company rebranded to Meta. The list of global brands joining the metaverse has remained endless. Nike’s additional interest in the metaverse birthed the launch of the Swoosh Nike metaverse platform. Nike currently prioritizes users based in Europe and the United States. Once the registration is completed, users can create and sell digital shows from profit. 

In 2021, Nike acquired RTTFKT, a leading creator of digital sneakers and other collectibles. The combination of RTTFKT and Swoosh will boost Nike’s plans for NFT offerings. All Swoosh items are NFTs. However, the platform’s launch coincedents with ongoing bearish crypto market. Unfortunately, the NFT sector has not been spared from the plummeting market condition. Against these odds, the popularity and demand for NFTs are high coupled with flowing streams of investments in the space.

 Besides this, Nike landed Nikeland in partnership with Roblox video game, Nikeland is banking on Nike fans who purchase and wear in-game Nike apparel thereby promoting customization. Nike has not only gotten multiple engagemenets but also a new stream of income. Other fashion brands like Gucci and Loius Vuitton has shown interest in the metaverse. 

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