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Nine Chronicles Rune : An Interactive Element into the Gameplay

Nine Chronicles Runes will bring higher chances of player growth and development to their character and the gameplay. Runes will get the same treatment as currency gets in Nine Chronicles.

Runes are the latest addition to the Nine Chronicles universe giving the players a new and better component to progress. As it is in the testing phase, players can experience how Runes work in the Preview Net. Furthermore, Runes will provide the players with a new growth method. It is supposed to have better functionality and overcomes the limitations of the existing items in the gameplay. 

Various Options of Growth with Nine Chronicles Rune

The Nine Chronicles Rune system is such that it will bypass the linear growth system to bring better opportunities for everyone. The players will be able to wear HP-related items that require higher physical strength. As a result, these Runes will help the players face the boss with special skills. 

In addition to this, these Runes will also provide the players with skills they otherwise lack with the existing items. These Runes will enjoy the same status as other currencies in the game, including NCG and Crystals. Moreover, at the time of processing the compensation for players, new Runes will be minted. The players will receive these Runes similarly as they receive other currencies. 

To upgrade the Nine Chronicles Rune, players will need Rune stones. At present, the players can get Runes from three sources. Plus, this includes Prosperity Gauge, World Boss Reward, and NCG staking rewards. However, to upgrade Runes, the players need other Nine Chronicles currencies. 

Testing Nine Chronicles Rune in the Previewnet

The Nine Chronicles development team is allowing the players to test run the Runes in the Previewnet. Also, the players can try out different features of the Nine Chronicles Rune to gain a full experience. In this, the players will play as the 100-level character at Stage 100 of World 2. The equipment available to the players here includes Gladiator Sword, Casual Clothes, Solid Belt, Mana Necklace, and Thin Ring. They will also be able to use 500,000,000 Crystals and 100,000 NCG. 

For Runes, the players can experience 100,000 Adventurer’s Rune Stone, 100,000 Fenrir’s HP Rune Stone, 25,000 Fenrir’s ATK Rune Stone, and 5,000 Fenrir’s Bleed Rune Stone. 

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