A few other people have said that Tears was referring to crying or ripping something in two, so Nintendo has confirmed the correct way to pronounce The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Nintendo canceled its first Nintendo Direct show this week, while on the back of this year’s display, numerous new games were revealed and updated on new titles that had been already announced. While the Direct had mixed receptions, the one thing that everyone was happy to see was a new look at the next Zelda, including its name and even its release date.


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Since the name was revealed, it became a lot of confusion, and it was not related to other Zelda games. Since the two possible meanings of the word ‘tears’ are possible, most of those who are little cryptic and usually make more sense when playing, Tears of the Kingdom cause some confusion.

This language is painless, so words reminiscent of teardrops can be recited. This could mean something torn in two, like a tremor in the universe. Because the player was not heard in the trailer, and the ruined Hyrule caused serious tear, and were both torn in the final pieces, we weren’t quite sure what happened to both of those two.

The Nintendo have discovered that despite Eurogamer, Nintendo has finally achieved a proper translation of the title. As we say, the title implies the teardrops of the kingdom that should not have been torn apart.

Until this confirmation emerged, as the tears of the kingdom could be referred to as a tear, as certain people believe that it might not be referring to Hyrule at all, but referencing another kingdom altogether. It could be similar to the Golden Tears from Skyward.