Nintendo has a special Splatoon 3 Direct video going over that game this morning. We have learned a lot about this upcoming sequel. The biggest mistake that should be noted here is the team did everything to make sure you knew it was not just “Splatoon 2.5” with extra content. Apparently a lot of people online had thought that company rushed out a sequel and tried to make a quick buck. There are improvements over the previous title, but they figured they were married with a new content that has been designed to attract more esports and FPS players, at least for a glance. Not to mention putting in multiplayer modes to choose from, and in case you get tired of the same ‘ol stuff’.

This makes a little more sense considering they announced that they would hold an invitational tournament in the west of PAX on Sept. 5th, so Nintendo is just just starting to want to play esports as well. Be aware that no one has officially played the full version of that game yet, so we don’t know how well some of that will survive. Yet it does feel like the company is trying to make it feel like a bigger deal, like that first sequel was the original. We have the full textbook and the DVD below, the game is still available for pre-order now before it’s the 9th of September.

All the players are very excited about it.

  • The new, fully changed Story Mode is ideal for getting the hang of battles and weapons, and then embarking into an adventure to learn about the ten secrets of Alterna, the Fuzzy Ooze, and the meaning of the title. As the third recruit of the New Squidbeak Splatoon, players will battle the Octarian Army, with some members covered in hair. Along with their Smallfry buddy, players learn more about various stages of the game, with each set a lot of twists and turns.
  • Fixed War: Naturally, in one town called Splatsville, there is a favourite of the locals’ most favorite time. Using only the most turf on the map, two teams of four are able to ink the most. Squid Surge where players can swim up walls in seconds. Squid Roll, which allows people to jump from the ink while turning around. Even when the players were acting as a manipulator, they fired off their enemies ink while playing.
  • Salmon Run: The salmon Run mode is returned, allowing up to four players to work together and collect Power Eggs from the Salmonids who advancing on them. Salmon Run can be played at any time! Players are coming up with ferocious creatures called Boss Salmonids, as well as the new Lid of Slammin, and the Big Shot. Plus, watch out for Cohozuna, a new King Salmonid Supersick Salmonid! Against a King Salmonid, the tank on the player’s backs will turn into an egg Cannon. Collect the Golden Eggs and cause big damage to the King Salmonid and give it the boot! A big walk will come in the future as an event where Salmonids invade the city where Inklings live, and Octolings!
  • In the new phase, the returning battles will play out across many exotic locations. There are some stages of specific Splatlands such as Eeltail Alley, Scorch Gorge, Mincemeat Metalworks and Undertow Spillway. There is also the new Hagglefish Market. It’s a pier filled with vibrant street vendors. Several avenues from Greater Inkopolis also make an arrival, such as Museum d’Alfonsino, Hammerhead Bridge and Mahi-Mahi Resort. The three steps used for the presentation will be further detailed. Up to one stage will be added in free updates after the launch.
  • The Deep Cut Trio: Deep Cut is a popular troll who hosts a Splatsville news station. They provide information on the battle stage, as well as other news news bulletins. For the first time in the series, this update can be read online while exploring Splatsville.
  • Splatfests Return: In this online event, the player vote for the best choice of three from an announcement. The team we represent is made up of a choice and the winner is decided through a battle over a period of time. Splatfests will consist of two juves. In the first half, the three teams are fighting in Turf War v 4. The second half is about three teams fighting in one time. Do the first time players get a chance to defend themselves in this unique 4v2 match?

Play: Nintendo.

  • The Tableturf Battle Dojo in a vacant vacant lot of Splatsville is the home of a new mode of operations. In this one-v-1 competitive card battle spinoff of the Turf War, players can ink different shapes and take different cards to charge up power and unleash all the right stuff with a comeback attack. There are over 150 cards to collect.
  • Splatlands’ Main Weapons: New Splatlands-specific weapons have been added inSplatoon 3. The teeto-stragger can fire in three directions simultaneously and unleash charged shots that briefly freeze before exploding. The splatana Wiper sends blades of ink flying with a centrifugal force that causes vibration in the arm. If swung after charging up, it’s going to get more charged. Plus, all the major weapons of the previous games will be available in the game 3 from the start.
  • New Special Weapons: Special weapons can be unleashed if a turf has enough capacity andSplatoon 3brings new and unique special weapons. When a hot water heater is activated, a refrigerator is apparently ready for the team. There’s also a Wave Breaker that has sonic waves in the area. And the Reefslider is a shark-shaped floating, which is powered by an ink-propelled rocket for ink movement and is thrust forward to throw an ink fire on opponents. In a world of familiar special weapons, like Tenta Missiles, Inkjet, Ink Storm, Ultra Stamp and Booyah Bomb, they’ll be returning. Each weapon is paired with the main. Therefore, the player will find the different combinations that suit their splatting style.
  • Battle Modes: In Anarchy Battles, players compete to make high marks in objective-based battles. There are four modes for rotation: Splat, Tower Control, Clam Blitz and Mercede. Do you want to take a challenge solo? Select Anarchy Battle series. If players wish to go to anarchy, then it’s the way to join an open-ended event.
  • Other features include the lobby of Splatsville. Online friends are called 3D holograms. In the fight it’s easy to join and defeat enemies. The players can see with all of their friends at any time. The lobby also includes an arcade player which can replay recent battles.
  • Customizing the Catalog: When fighting starts, Splashtags appear. Customisation may include a title, a background and a badge. Moreover, the emote on which a character is drawn when a battle can be customized. All of those and more can be obtained through the in-game catalog. The list is going to be available at Hotlantis, a general store on the edge of Splatsville. Players can exchange points earned from battles for various items, like seasonal gear and ability pieces. After the catalog’s first launch, updates will be released for two years in three months.
  • SplatNet 3 is an online service forSplatoon 3 from the Nintendo Switch online app that can be used with a smart device. It has features like checking battle records, ordering special in-game gear from the SplatNet Gear Store and so much more. A new feature is Crusty Sean’s Wandercrust. It’s possible to support Crusty Sean’s journey using Inked Points earned during battles. SplatNet 3 is on its way to launch.
  • New amiibo Inkoming: NewSplatoon 3 amiibo figures are arriving this holiday, with separate amiibo figures for Inkling (Yellow), Octoling (Blue) and Smallfry, which are available at select retailers for one dollar each. Scanning the amiibo in-game will allow players to save their favorite gear as fresh suits and swap outfits as well. These amiibo come with exclusive gear and are able to take in-game photos together with them. One and a half Splatoon 2amiibo figures are coming up tuesday. Those callie & Marie 2-Pack and Pearl & Marina 2-Pack are restocked at select retailers with a price of $14 each.
  • After the game launches, a free season catalog will be distributed in three months and the month for two years. Additional weapons will be added about the same time the in-game catalog. To date, I will say X and League are planned for future updates. X Battle is unlocked after reaching an extremely high rank in the Anarchy Battle. The player can compete every two hours in league on the basis of his Anarchy Battle results. Large-scale payable DLC is planned and is planned for the future. More details will be shared later.
  • TheSplatoon 3Enter the 2012 Splatlands Invitational 2022 Tournament: At PAX West on Sept. 5 the best players from this summer’s 2013 Showdown 2022 tournament were invited to Seattle for a trip to North America’s first-ever event of the 2013-2013 Splatoon 3Invitational. Go on top of the official Twitter account, if you want to get along with all the fun updates! Listen to the officialSplatoon North American Twitter account to learn more information gathered from the Squid Research Lab as soon as they have been uncovered.