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Numantian Games announces Lords of Xulima Early Access

Today we would like to announce the launch of the Lords of Xulima new trailer along with the Steam store website. For the first time, players can purchase Lords of Xulima from the Steam platform.

Lords of Xulima is a fantasy role-playing game that lasts more than 100 hours, with strategic turn-based combat and hand-drawn graphics for the landscapes and 3D models for the enemies. The Early Access version includes between a round 60% of the total content and represents more than 50 hours of gameplay. The rest of the content will be unlocked over the next few weeks, as well as some of the new features we promised in our Kickstarter campaign like the new character class.”The Divine Summoner» and the special artifact, «Golot’s Talisman«.

At this moment it is only available for PC, but very soon it will also be available for MAC OSX, and Linux.

The release of the official version of Lords of Xulima is scheduled for September or October 2014. Meanwhile, it will remain as Early Access on Steam.

Even though it’s not an mmoIt is a very interesting 2D RPG title developed in Spainso we have decided to share the news with you.

Steam Store Website: http://store.steampowered.com/app/296570


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