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Observer: System Redux Will Launch With PS5, Xbox Series X, And Xbox Series S; No Upgrade Option For Current Gen Owners

It seems as if Bloober Team wants to be there for the next generation consoles. Not only was one of the first next gen only titles we saw from them in The Medium that is still set to launch this holiday season for Xbox Series X/S, there is also Observer: System Redux. The game is an up and down remaster of the this generation’s Observer, which you can see comparison shots through here. It will also be there at launch for both Sony and Microsoft.

As confirmed to Eurogamer, System Redux will launch alongside both Sony and Microsoft’s shiny new systems. The game will see significant upgrades like ray-tracing, HDR, new 4K textures, and even new character models and animations. Unfortunately, it is also confirmed that as of now there is no upgrade path for current gen console players who bought the first game, unlike the PC version which saw a discount to upgrade if you owned the original release.

Observer: System Redux will release on November 10th for Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC with the PS5 version coming November 12th.

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