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Obsidian brings us 20 minutes of commented gameplay from Armored Warfare

The guys from Obsidian Entertainment and My.com have been around PAX showcasing for the first time quite a bit of content from their new action MMO and combat with tanks Armored Warfare. The game will have PvP content, as can be expected in this type of game, but what we see in this video are several of the different PvE missions that we will be able to face from time to time. cooperative mode with a group of 4 friends.

At first we can see different types of battle tanks, all of them created from models currently used by different countries. All these vehicles fall within the 5 classes different that the game will have, each one with a different role and characteristics.

What is shown in the video is part of the pre-alpha of the game and many things will change until the beginning of the closed beta in Q1 2015.

For being a first version, the truth is that the graphics, the interface and the gameplay look quite successful.

If you like this type of action and combat games and you want to put us at the controls of one of these machines, you can leave your request for the beta at http://aw.my.com


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