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One paid and one free DLC pack arrive for Mantis Burn Racing on Xbox One

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Six months or so ago, Voofoo Studios thrust Mantis Burn Racing into our lives. It brought enough content to keep you busy, some super slick racing physics and a great multiplayer experience. Now though, Voofoo are back with some new content for the game – and this threatens to push it to the next level.

Available right now are two new pieces of downloadable content for Mantis Burn Racing on Xbox One – one which you’ll need to pay cash for (albeit hardly anything to worry about), whilst another drops for free.

First up is the Elite Class DLC, a super cheap £1.99 pack which brings a new class of Elite vehicles to the game. These ‘Hover’ vehicles are mega fast and highly futuristic, using powerful turbines to race above the ground and therefore be less affected by each tracks’ surface. With each of light, medium and heavy weight options in place, you’ll be able to use these vehicles across 12 new career events which are unlocked with the purchase of the pack. Oh, and you can use them online too!

The free pack meanwhile, that of the Snowbound Pack, does pretty much what you would expect of something with such a name – it delivers four stunning tracks in a brand new snow themed environment. Slipping and sliding is the name of the game as your driving skills are put to the limit across new events.

Each of the packs can be picked up from the Xbox Games Store right now. If you haven’t yet played Mantis Burn Racing, then what the hell are you waiting for? Read our review and then get to it!

Snowbound Pack DLC Description:

Expand your Mantis Burn Racing® experience with all-new free content in the ‘Snowbound Pack’.BRAND-NEW LOCATIONIntroducing a brand-new snow-themed environment featuring four stunning tracks that add new depth to the game’s single-player, split-screen and online modes. Put the freeze on your opponents as you jump, bump and slide your way across treacherous, wintry snowscapes that will push your driving skills to the limits!NEW CAREER SEASONSYour Mantis Burn Racing® single-player campaign just got even more challenging with the addition of season’s Two and Three of the Veteran Class career, with 34 extra events to complete in your quest to be crowned Mantis Burn Racing® Champion.Download the Mantis Burn Racing® ‘Snowbound Pack’ now!

Elite Class DLC Description:

Take your Mantis Burn Racing® gameplay to the next level with a brand-new Class of ‘Elite’ vehicles that come complete with their own stand-alone career campaign. THREE NEW HOVER VEHICLESThe ‘Elite Class’ DLC Pack includes three new high-performance Hover vehicles that will see your Mantis Burn Racing® experience really take off! Put your driving skills to the ultimate test with these mega-fast, futuristic-looking ‘Elite’ vehicles that use powerful turbines to hover above the ground making them less affected by the tracks’ surface. Each of the light, medium and heavy weight vehicles included come with their own unique handling and performance characteristics and are all playable in single-player, split-screen and online modes. NEW ELITE CAREER Hover vehicles also come with their own 12 event ‘Elite’ career that is unlocked immediately and only available with this DLC pack. Download the Mantis Burn Racing® ‘Elite Class’ DLC Pack today!

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