In addition to the OnePlus 10T, the Chinese brand has also revealed the latest version of its software to its smartphones. We’re talking about OxygenOS 13, which can be used as a proprietary interface, so that it can quickly be installed in compatible devices.

First, note that the new version of the phone-tie will be based on Android 13! This includes new features and security options, but also a new design philosophy.

OxygenOS 13 introduces the conceptual philosophy of aquamorphic design.

OnePlus claims that it was inspired by water to design OxygenOS 13 design. Aquamorphic Design is a perfect opportunistic design, which really reflects the theme that led the company to develop its latest software.

With Aquamorphic Design, OnePlus smartphones will find a lighter design with a more comfortable view and rounded corners for your icons. A new look has been captured clearly by OPPOs ColorOS.

OnePlus also decided to keep in touch with OxygenOS 13 colors during the day. As the day goes down, the system’s overall colors will be darker, making it feel better for the eyes.

Always-on display has new choices.

Taking into consideration the original features of OxygenOS 13, OnePlus highlights its ever-to-get counterpart. In short, there will be a better integration with Spotify and Bitmoji.

In a music streaming service, the need to look for essential information regarding what you’re listening to can be achieved without the need to unlock your smartphone. The basic music controls will also always be available.

I’m very happy with the launcher and I’m very glad that the OxygenOS 13.0.1 will allow you to run applications locked in folders, without having to open folders. OnePlus has not clarified how that novelty will work.

For those who know ColorOS, the term Sidebar Toolbox will not be strange. In practice, the sidebar on the phone’s main screen allows the user to place any application or shortcut that they use most often.

Once again, they are always able to see what they will appear in the sidebar. Here is an option that comes to OnePlus smartphones, but already known to a lot of users in the Android world.

The benefits of spatial audio, Dolby Atmos, and better sound transition between Bluetooth devices. Share Nearby will be improved and your smartphone’s screen will also be shared with ChromeOS.

OnePlus implements an encrypted vault, which keeps sensitive information stored at the same time.

In the security field, OnePlus introduces a secure with OxygenOS 13 coming in. The Chinese company decided to name a feature called Private Safe 2.0.

In practice, it is a place where users can store documents, images, media, and other data with greater security. This is a place where other applications can’t access this information, in order to guarantee the privacy of all those stored in the data.

When does OxygenOS 13 come and whom does it go to?

OnePlus hasn’t shared a specific timetable for its products to release OxygenOS 13. He only said that the OnePlus 10 Pro is the first to test the new interface. The OnePlus 10T is the first to test the new interface.

Here’s the official list.

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