These smartwatches are an excellent replacement for our smartphones in every day life. This means that we’ll have a look at the 3-octif three of these, and soon we’ll be able to find out what the 3-octif do is. In fact, we have multiple real images and even new renders or digital representations of smartphones. We also have the official date of the new product range.

The image and information come to us, thanks to the leaker Evan Blass, responsible for the @evleaks Twitter profile, possibly the credible source in the industry. The Chinese manufacturer officially confirmed the product’s release date through its official channels.

Oppo Watch 3 series will be presented on August 10 in China.

The next model will appear in the 3 op. Get the credit: @evleaks.

The heart of this new generation of watches will be Qualcomms promising Snapdragon W5 Gen 1. This is a new generation of chipsets with doubled capacity and greater energy savings thanks to the 4 nm lithography.

We currently have two processors for this W5 Gen 1-generation: Qualcomm, the top-sixth and the top-sixth of the new generation Snapdragon, plus the base-sixth, which comes with the newest version of the Snapdragon, and the top-sixth-sixth-generation processor. In both cases, the performance is expected to be noticeable.

The major highlights and improvements of the Qualcomm Snapdragon W5.

According to Qualcomm, the new processor supports the Bluetooth 5.3 standard, allows 50% more autonomy than the previous generation and holds a 50% less weight, allowing for thinner watches, for example.

Given the above, the new range of watches with these SoCs has a significant leap in the processing power, as well as better autonomy. Why is this perfect thing? OPPO was one of the first to guarantee the use of these chips.

This is the general design of the smartwatches of the 3R OPPO Watch Series.

The OPPO Watch 3 takes inspiration from the actual leader in design and product nomenclature. This rectangular shape has rounded edges and a pebble shape. That can confirm this at the factory, and they will have a natural curvature, a design shown below, and also confirm the date of production in China.

It’s important to note that the products must be presented to Europe and global markets subsequently, so that they can be imported outside China. Until then, we have the confirmation that its presentation will be announced on August 10th in the domestic market.

OPPO has shared a map of China.

The OPPO Watch 3 line will be equipped with a curved AMOLED screen of 1,91 inches, with LTPO technology. This means we have a variable refresh rate on the screens of the next-generation OPPO smart watches.

As we can see, there are at least two types of straps or bracelets in the images shared by Evan Blass. With the materials chosen: silicone, leather, and other materials. We also have a side button and an rotating metal crown, and a microphone hole. That means we can call the smartwatch and turn off the phone with a Bluetooth cable.

These leaks signaled the existence of three variants: OWW211, OWW212, and OWW213. To date, however, we can’t confirm that it exists or any price and availability of that product.

Next step is to refocus on your presentation on August 10, 2022.