Architecture is more important than lithography.

The participation of some experts in the technology conference Goldman Sachs was a real gift to all AMD players. The delegates included senior vice president Forrest Norrod, who oversees the server business, and senior vice president Ruth Cotter, who is responsible for marketing, human resources and investor relations.

Image Source: AMD.

If a half of the speech focused on server topics, then at the middle of the event, Ruth Kotter, with his wife and daughter, changed the course of the event, the key to meeting the consumer segment. Towards the end of the presentation of AMD representatives, they discussed the process from the company and a relationship with their partners.

Forrest Norrod stressed that there are significant differences between smartphone processors and AMD’s needs in terms of timelines for new technical processes. This latter is trying to convince TSMC to make the new lithography stage for its own needs. and if AMD was to take the very best of the seven-nm processing technology, then it was a little late by moving to 5-nm technology. According to Forrest Norrod, this was due to certain market factors. It was rather possible for Intel to get rid of its server processors and so that they could turn them into a new lithography, giving the idea of a new era of rapid download, because they wouldn’t rush to make the 5-nm versions of this product. According to a survey of AMD data, the company has been ready to expand into a new level of lithography every 18 or 21 months, depending on the market situation.


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Norrods colleague said the transition to each second phase of the technical process gets more expensive and the feasibility of such a step needs to be assessed with regard to payback times. The architecture is more important in that sense, and also is more important to the end user. Currently the structure includes chiplets, supports the evolution of different resuscitations as well as the resuscitation of the architecture.