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Path of Exile 2 will arrive with a new campaign of 7 acts, 19 ascended classes and many new features

We already have here the star announcement of the Exilecon conference. The version 4.0 of Path of Exile that now we will also know as Path of Exile 2. It is a mega expansion of content for Path of Exile that brings many new features, such as a new campaign of 7 acts and 19 new ascended classes.

Path of Exile 2 is a new campaign that shares End Game with the Path of Exile of all life. All players will be able to play the End Game together no matter which path they choose.

At the moment we only have a few details of what will bring Path of Exile 2

  • Campaign of 7 new acts.
  • 19 new ascended classes.
  • New system of skills and gems.
  • New equipment.
  • Engine improvements and new graphics.
  • Passive tree changes.
  • And many other things that we will discover in the coming months.

the beta of Path of Exile 2 will not arrive at least until the end of next year. At the moment there is no release date. You can see the league schedule they published a few weeks ago.

New league and changes in the End Games

And while we await the arrival of Path of Exile 2 we also have news for the current version of the game. “Conquerors of the Atlas” comes a renewed way to play the End Game of Path of Exile. With 5 new bosses, new mechanics in the Atlas, new gem items and more.

The 3.9 expansion also arrives accompanied by a new league (Metamorph). In this league we will collect fragments of bugs that we have eliminated to combine them and generate our own final boss.


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