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Path of Exile shows us the merch that will be at Exilecon

This news is just to grind our teeth at all Path of Exile players who aren’t going to Exilecon. Grinding Gear Games has shown off some of the items they will be selling as merch or giving away to Exilecon attendees in New Zealand.

The Exilecon can be followed live on Friday the 15th at 10pm at night from Twitch on the official Path of Exile channel.


We remind you of the most important points of this Exilecon:

  • Detailed Looks at Path of Exile’s December Expansion and the Long-Awaited 4.0.0
  • world generation procedural in Path of Exile
  • How the rendering of Path of Exile has evolved
  • Creating Visual Effects in Path of Exile
  • The 2019 Path of Exile Race Finals with four players competing for a $10,000 prize pool.

All details about the broadcast are available on the Translated FAQ.


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