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Pentiment – Romance; Kiss Zdena Achievement Explained

In Pentiment, you can romance a nun and get the achievement Kiss Zdena. In this guide you will learn how to make this happen.

Pentiment is becoming increasingly popular, with players appreciating the strong emphasis on plot and the impact of choices on the subsequent story. The title also did not lack the opportunity to romance one of the characters. In this guide you will learn how to start this romance, so you can get the achievement in the game.

At the outset, it is worth noting that the dialogue options differ depending on what choices we made at the beginning of the game.. You can read more about it here.

Romance with Sister Zdena

Alternative option

After this selection, the time will skip to breakfast time and you will find that Andreas fell asleep under the bookcase. He will then be awakened by his sister Zdena. To start a romance with her, conduct the dialogue as follows:

Zdena – Well, are you here for the books or for me?

Andreas – You, of course.

Zdena – I’d call you a liar, but I know it’s the truth. You probably pray every evening that when you knock on the door in the morning that I’ll answer instead of Illuminata.

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