You need to destroy Titans!

Look out for a world of mythology. Prepare your sword. Prepare your shield. Plan and prepare for battle. Today G-DEVS announced a new test of their own version of the code – Perseus: Titan Slayer. The game introduces players to the mythology world that turns into a legendary hero. The press release provides more details about the demo. It also gives players a deeper view of the game.

The Perseus: Titan Slay places players in the sandals of the titular character. Of course, the players will start a quest for mythological proportions. While players are fighting on the underworld and escaping into Tartarus’ depths to stop Hades evil plot to conquer Olympus, players will face many obstacles. Another factor is that, in a game, players must be prepared to die a lot. You’ll have plenty of options to play as well. God gave the same weapons, skills, and skills that the gods granted themselves.

The demo features the first two plays. Of course, the players will play on the first two games. A demo also allows a certain number of guns from a sword to a katana. Many players have a look at the game in the new trailer.

Perseus: Titan Slayers demo is now free on Steam. Players can download it now and start a journey into Tartarus deep. The full version is going to begin in 2023.