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Phantom Galaxies to Kick Off 2023 With the Launch of a Speed Run Event

Blowfish Studios, the developer of Phantom Galaxies, is hosting a speed run competition from January 9th to 23rd. Exclusive NFTs and Astrafer tokens are some of the prizes on the list.

What you need to know about Phantom Galaxies’ speed run competition

Open-world mecha RPG Phantom Galaxies has teamed up with Soulbound to launch a speed run tournament called The Starfighter Sprint. This contest begins on January 9th and will run for two weeks until January 23rd. 

During this event, players will pit against each other to finish all Phantom Galaxies episodes as fast as they can. A leaderboard will capture the fastest times, and players will get to win exclusive NFTs, Astrafer tokens, and more for being the fastest speedrunners. 

There are no details yet on what the prize pool structure looks like. However, everyone is welcome to join by submitting a YouTube video of their runs. Live streaming is also encouraged, as the team will share speedrun streams on its social media platforms. 

An exclusive airdrop after The Starfighter Sprint

After the speed run competition, a snapshot will occur to confirm players’ eligibility for the Origin Collection Mintpasses. 

Those who own specific Origin Collection NFTs during the snapshot will receive Pristine or Veteran Fleet Mintpasses, as well as Elpis and Zveta Gene Samples, to mint Generative Starfighters and Avatars. According to the team, this will happen sometime in late January.  

What’s so exciting about this drop is that NFT holders can finally mint rare fleets and characters to gain an ultimate edge over other players. Each will come with its own skins, weapons, and attributes, allowing holders to level up their game in Phantom Galaxies.  

To learn more about this mecha RPG and how to unlock each of its episodes, check out the detailed guide here for more information.

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