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Pixels Chapter 1 is now live

The first chapter of the play-and-own 2D game is now officially live on the Polygon network and includes new quests, crafting, customizable free-to-play land and more.

The developers of Pixels, Banger Inc., have announced that Chapter 1 of their play-and-own 2D title is now officially live on the Polygon network.

This launch just so happens to be exactly 1 year since the blockchain title’s release. The focus for Chapter One for the development team was to “really complete our core game experience,” though that doesn’t mean they won’t continue to further improve it as time goes on.

The first chapter of the game includes customizable free-to-play land, meaning that players who play for free can purchase their own land once they have enough $BERRY, which is the main in-game earnable currency. With $BERRY, players can also buy items from in-game stores in order to “customize and upgrade their spaces.” The difference between this type of land and the NFT Farm Land is that the former is much smaller in size and lacks all the resources and mechanics that are present with NFT Farm Lands. 

Aside from the free-to-play land, NFT traits now do affect land and the developers have also introduced new resource generators called industries alongside crafting, new quests, a new system for navigation, rebalanced resource generation and new purchasable and earnable content. Throughout the next 2 months we’ll see more content updates, adding in new items, quests, craftable objects, industries and an in-game marketplace. 

The next chapter is planned for release in Q1 2023 and will include the integration of $PIXEL in game and more. For more details on the first and upcoming second chapter, check out the official article here.

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