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Players turned into zombies next in H1Z1

In the last letter from the producer of H1Z1 Interesting things are being read about the future of the game and what it is working on day break. In the survival mode, Just Survive, the team has confirmed that it is working on one of the most requested features since the beginning: resurrection of players as zombies.

The letter also talks about changes in game performance, less loot, recipes to improve weapons, zombie bosses and more measures against cheaters. During these weeks, players were complaining about infrequent drops, but the team explained that until now, finding food and items was too easy and made the game less survivable.

In the King of the Hill mode, it has been highlighted that there will also be:

  • Game performance improvements to gain more FPS.
  • Fixes to combat and firing while jumping, although shooting while jumping will noticeably affect accuracy.
  • Safe zones in Battle Royale depending on how many people are still alive. The fewer people there are, the smaller the safe zones will be.
  • Vehicles with better physics and general fixes for them.

You have all the details in Just Survive Y King of the Hill.


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