Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are becoming global rollout. While anticipation at a constant peak, there’s a very few stores that fail to deliver the new generation titles.

In many of the recently shared reviews for these Pokemon games, the huge criticism was the games’ graphics and overall performance on the Nintendo Switch. Even though there’s a day or two, these issues still look to be taking a step further.

According to Polygon, the game suffers at times from significantly lowering framerates and the outlet even had more severe visual issues in their playthroughs, such as invisible Pokemon battles, and world clipping.

The idea of a fully open-world Pokemon game was quite ambitious, and the limited hardware capabilities of the Nintendo Switch aren’t real surprise. Though you don’t know what to expect, you should see it being the best of the game.

Perhaps in future updates, some of the issues with the performance can be solved and a smooth gameplay experience can be assured, but for now, those who are entering the action will need to deal with the problem they have got in front of them.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have just launched in Oceania and will continue to roll out globally in the next 24 hours. These titles will bring you to the next generation when they land at midnight, in your time zone.

If you’re looking ahead, you can now buy pre-orders with the option to buy pre-download so the game is ready to go when the time comes.