The Pokemon Center rolled out Pokemon Scarlet and Violet on November 18 2022. Before the planet, the Pokemon Center added new merchandise. There are not only three starter Pokemon, but also items that can be bought to look like your avatar. The new pig Pokemon Lechonk is in piggy bank. All these items are available via Amazon Japan.

The items listed in the JPY list include:

  • A4 clear file: 451 JPY
  • A4 stickers: 550 PY.
  • A5 notebook: 660 JPY.
  • A numbered notebook: 715 JPY.
  • An ironboard can be drilled.
  • Persons of card: 1.870 JPY.
  • Drinking a tea on the stove.
  • Upon receipt from the police, 1 760 lbj.
  • Keyholder: 990 JPY.
  • Koraidon parka (free size): 8,250,000 kip.
  • Koraidon parka (110, 130): 7 700,000 p.m.
  • Two pocketes are three hours.
  • Tapping: 880-pios.
  • Memopad: 850 JPY.
  • Metallic photo frame – 3,520 JPY.
  • Mini-bath towel: 62 lbs.
  • Miraidon parka (free size): 8.250 JPY.
  • Miraidon parka (110, 130): 7.700 JPY, 111,000.
  • Pike: 2 860 JPY.
  • Boxes: 1 x 545 JPY.
  • Pennys parka (free size): 7,150 JPY.
  • Protagonists flocked (Grape/Orange academy): 13200 JPY (reports of the prototypicals, etc.).
  • Keyholder: 605 JPY
  • The letters are not rewritten.

And here are the other items that are going to appear along the Lechonk Pokemon piggy bank.

The latest generation of Pokemon will become the first to have a more school-focused set and plot. The protagonists backpack (that comes in two versions) look like items you can use in both college and fashion. While there are several versions of keyholders, each of them showing different Pokemon.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be released worldwide by the Nintendo Switch on November 18, 2022. This Pokemon Scarlet and Violet merchandise may not be shown in the North American version of the Pokemon Center, but the Amazon Japanese store delivers internationally.