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Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid Trailer Shows Chun-Li In Action As Blue Phoenix Ranger

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The latest Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid trailer has shined the spotlight on Chun-Li as she embraces the Angel Grove Class of ’93 cheerleader look and also struts her stuff as the powerful Blue Phoenix Ranger.

The gameplay footage shows her scrapping with a number iconic Power Rangers characters, including Lord Z, Goldar and more. Check out the Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid Chun-Li gameplay trailer in action below.

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid was released for PS4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One in spring 2019, and will be re-released as Super Edition with all DLC digitally this month and will see a physical launch in July.

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Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid features a number of game modes including Ranked Online, Arcade, Versus, Casual Online, Training and Tutorial, and includes a campaign that is loosely based on the Shattered Grid storyline from a Power Rangers comic book.

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