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Premium DLC additions race to F1 2019

It’s a great time to be an F1 fan. Not only are we slap-bang in the middle of one of the best seasons for years, with tight racing and the Mercedes of Lewis Hamilton finally coming up against a proper challenge from Red Bull and Max Verstappen, but in terms of the video game side of the show, F1 2019 is a stunning replication of what the sport means. And today we see a ton of new Premium DLC drops hit the game, with new liveries, appearances and items all included.

Available to purchase and add into your F1 2019 experience right now are three new premium downloadable content packs, with the F1 2019 – New Look Pack, the F1 2019 – Suited Up Pack, and the F1 2019 – Livery Showcase Pack all ready to move onto the grid.

Priced up at £9.19, the Livery Showcase Pack is the biggest hitter here, pushing through to the front of the pack to provide premium liveries for your cars. This means should you be looking to mix things up a little then you’ll be able to add any of the NOVUS – Datastream, VENUS – Static Shock, CNH2N+2ENERGY – Tiger, VENUS – Ping, DISTORT – Interference, and AVAX – Pinstripe graphics to your car for multiplayer use.

The Livery Showcase Pack is certainly the standout purchase here, but accompanying it is the Suited Up Pack. This comes with a £6.99 price tag attached to ensure you get the opportunity to add in some new helmets, gloves and suits. In fact, the following are all ready to roll should you splash the cash required…

  • Punch It (Helmet)
  • Lightning (Helmet)
  • Swipes (Helmet)
  • Apex (Suit)
  • Blue and Black (Suit)
  • Navigator (Suit)
  • Apex (Gloves)
  • Navigator (Gloves)

And then we have the final premium DLC drop for the day with the F1 2019 – New Look Pack. This is certainly the smallest of the trio to arrive in F1 2019 on Xbox One, PS4 and PC, but it may still just appeal to a select number of racers. Included are a new AVAX – Pinstripe Car livery, the Lightning Helmet, the Apex Suit and Gloves and the Fly High Badge. £4.99 is never going to break the bank so if you fancy a bit of a change with F1 2019 but don’t want to go overboard, this allows for it.

Of course, you’ll need the outstanding base game of F1 2019 in place prior to making the most of these latest premium DLC packs, but should you be a fan of F1 or just love racing games in general then that is quite obviously a gimme.

Make sure you head over to the Xbox Store (or other digital stores if you race on other formats), and consider a purchase of the latest F1 2019 DLC packs right now. Let us know what you think of these additions by posting in the comments.

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