The developers of the Lunarch Studios unveiled Project S (title not final) that can play interactive multiplayer and play as an open-world multiplayer, which is scheduled for 2023. The announcement was accompanied by a trailer, which allows us to give a first glance at the dynamics of the title and which explains what the player can do at the height of the event.

As you can see in the video above, Project S is set in a set of floating islands that players can explore freely on the fly, and complete the present puzzles, which are apparently quite elaborate, to unlock new powers and areas. This game can be played in single-player but if you want to share the unique character of the game, you can easily share the different puzzles offered by this game in multiplayer.

Whether you are puzzle enthusiast or a unique open-world adventure enthusiast, Project S is a great experience for any gamer interested in finding that treasure. In a collection of puzzles to solve and mysteries to unravel, this puzzle creates a memorable world that reveals more of itself and more about itself at every visit. Missions, multiplayer modes and character progression are combined for a new life in the 3D puzzle genre, read the official description.

Learn the world around you in multiplayer or single-player mode. To develop deep understanding and practice, by traveling together at your own pace or by enjoying a moment of peace with single-player puzzle solving.

Explore the mysterious kingdom of islands set up in the sky. This vast open world has breathtaking views, ecosystems and ancient architecture. The backdrop and the beauty of the territory you encounter is an excellent example of a romantic encounter. Take your way to complete missions, discover secrets and then take you over to the islands. – Your visits take place.

Search and solve a huge variety of puzzle types organically inserted into the landscape. From perspective, 3D mazes, environmental challenges and more, the handcrafted creations of some of the most innovative minds in puzzle design are all in one side.

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