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PS5/Xbox Series X Games Will Become More Impressive as Devs Get More Familiar with the Hardware – Unity Exec

The PS5 and the Xbox Series X are impressive pieces of machinery, to say the very least. Unlike their predecessors – which were fairly outdated even when they first launched – these new consoles have released with some impressive specs and capabilities right off the bat. Already, with something like, say, Demon’s Souls, we’re seeing the early hints of what this hardware will enable (while upcoming games like The Medium and Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart also look promising in different ways), and according to Unity’s chief product officer Brett Bibby, that’s a progression we should expect to continue seeing in the coming years.

Speaking with GamingBolt in a recent interview, when asked about his thoughts between the gap between the Zen 2 processors of the PS5 and Xbox Series X on paper, Bibby said that more than that gap, what will end up making a difference is how developers make use of that power, saying that as devs continue to grow more familiar with the new hardware, the results will continue to get more impressive in turn.

“It isn’t about the differences between them, it will come down to how developers take advantage of what’s there,” Bibby said. “We’ve never had so much power in a console before and as developers get more familiar and experienced with the technology they’ll be able to progressively take advantage of everything a console has to offer.”

Similarly, speaking about the GPUs that both console have on offer, Bibby said that performance on the two consoles will be governed by how “code and content work together like a symphony.”

“Since Moore’s Law has given out, performance is largely determined by how data oriented your content is and how well you can process that data in parallel,” he said. “The best experiences will be had when the code and content work together like a symphony, and Unity continues to invest heavily in providing creators with an underlying engine that lets them take advantage of everything a console has to offer.”

It goes without saying that as the generation progresses, we’ll begin seeing developers getting more comfortable with the hardware of the new consoles, and how to squeeze the best results out of them- especially when the likes of Naughty Dog and Rockstar start working their magic. There’s no doubt that there’s a ton of potential for some impressive stuff in the hardware of both consoles- the only question is how long we’ll have to wait to see that bear fruit. 

In this same interview, Bibby – alongside solo dev of Xbox Series X/S launch title The Falconeer Tomas Sala – also spoke to us about the Xbox Series S in particular as a machine, and the advantages of something like Microsoft’s Smart Delivery feature. Read more about both through the links.

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