In a normal world, we would take the store where they are located, such as online or physical, select what we desire, put it in the path, pay and voila, it was done! And yes, the pandemic has changed all the things, at the same time, so it’s still difficult to talk about that technology, which has just come out.

That’s exactly why Sony already guesses difficulties with PSVR 2, and that’s why its betting on an invite system. That’s sad? Sure! But it’s very likely that Sonys new-generation VR helmet will target scalpers. That’s tough to escape in these new times, but is to be avoided in the new year, since production hasn’t reached full capacity.

Pre-ordering Invitations Have Started Going Out!

So, a few weeks ago, we learned the PSVR 2 was introduced in February at a slightly lower price than Sonys new console (PS5). Since the PSVR 2 is one of the most advanced virtual reality helmets available today, it will certainly be very desirable.

Using an invitation system, to halt this issue from being put on, and to help stop it from getting sold out, Sony chose to try and find an alternative.

However, these invitations already appeared in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg and even in the United States. There are also no invitations to Sony. At present, Sony is limiting the purchases to one unit per home or per PSN account.

We also learned that the PSVR 2 launch pack will have a Call of the Mountain unit. What is funny, but it would be more interesting if we had a better idea of what a VR game would cost in 2023.

What do you think about all this also? Do you want to play PSVR2?