Polish developer and publisher Sonka announced this month they’re releasing a psychological horror game called Holstin. The game is played in an isolated city where the people are slowly losing their minds due to the dangers of possession for everyone, while the dark shadows seem to have the same effect. Without fear, you’ll find the truth in order to overcome yourself. The game hasn’t finished yet, so we can’t even tell you if it’s going to be 2023. For now, read the documentation below.

Credit: Sonka.

“Holstin is an isolated, 90-song-tidden Polish lakeside town, with an almost innocent presence and the destruction of the masses and all. Your very close friend came into the site looking for answers for the newspaper story. However, after a series of confusing and troubling messages, all of the communications ended lost. You should venture into this psyche-shattering town now to find out what your friend’s truth and his fate is like.

  • Explore a community in danger of a situation: In a city like Jeziorne-Kolonia, something’s very wrong. A kind of thorn is overrun by the streets. People, buildings and wildlife all look very deteriorating from the inside out.
  • Fight and conquer unfamable creatures: Scavenge for scarce items and weapons to fight the deadly monstrosities now dwindling in the darkest corners of the city.
  • Speak slowly to locals, who’ve lost their mind: Sanity in those villages seems to slowly deteriorate, but they can’t even get the answers you need. You should play with their unnerving delusions and try to learn how they become accustomed to it as a world.
  • This is a basic game combining modern technology with hand-drawn, 3-D pixel-art enhanced with dynamic lighting and a free camera.
  • Using the full voice in Polish and English will bring every character of Holstin to life.