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Quake Champions adds The Molten Falls map

Quake Champions just added a new map to the game: The Molten Falls. In addition to the new map, this patch adds this new content.


  • THE MOLTEN FALLS: The last area of ​​the Dreamlands to see the light of day is The Molten Falls. This hellish arena is a new map of Goroth from the Dimension of the Damned, and is packed with unique elements that accentuate its verticality. Wide fairways await the intrepid hunter, providing wide viewing angles that will test your ability to run and spread lead. Arena is now available in all ranked and unranked modes, except for Sacrifice.
  • TOKENS TO CHANGE THE NAME: tokens for those who want to be known by another name on the battlefield. They can be purchased from the Quake store, and each one is good for a single name change.
  • CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENTS– As always, the development team is working on a number of new improvements and performance optimization tweaks. Examples include champion rebalancing, UI polish, bug fixes, and various weapon handling changes. Check out here Head over to the latest patch notes for a full breakdown of all the improvements.

Quake Champions is now available in early access via bethesda.net and in Steam. For information, visit Quake.com.


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