Focus Entertainment dropped the trailer for Hardspace: Shipbreaker this week before they released the game on consoles. The team built a gameplay overview trailer with the help of blackbird Interactive and the project will help you find the best possible slick spot on the console. The game has already gone out on PC for a few months, and while the majority of it will remain the same for PlayStation and Xbox, there are subtle differences you will need to get used to if you change to the new version that is already in stock. The entire video below can be watched on the PC, as it’s the first of the two platforms, and the Xbox Game Pass on September 20th.

Credits: Focus Entertainment

Start thinking about the world of a blue-collar worker taking risk for the dangerous wrecks of decommissioned spaceships. Take the risks from combining the elements into the debris, making them dwindling, and destroy all kinds of vessels with a pure universe of zero g physics. There are a variety of different types of procedurally-designed ships, from small transports to large freighters. Each vessel is a unique and open-ended challenge for creative thinking.

Experience a tense battle inHordspace: Shipbreakerwhere your employer the LYNX Megacorporation might not be your friend, and the coworkers may not be your only people that you trust. Add your equipment, take ships of any size and recover your hazardous materials to the Lynx company, without blowing yourself up in the process. Take a stand of the day-to-day work of a shipbreaker and test your skills in competitive competition against other players in the R.A.C.E. game mode leaderboards. You may play on any ship with no limits in freeplay.