That might seem impossible to say, but the sales of NVIDIA and AMD desktop video cards have been staggering, according to what has been recorded recently. In fact, sales volumes fell to historical lows, e never recorded such scarce data in the past 20 years.

This analysis was published by Jon Peddle Research. According to a new study it is a crisis in the sense that it is not even a recession of 2009. According to the graph below, a high volume of distribution had never been reachedsas well as in the third quarter of 2022.

Since the beginning of the millennium, data shows a very large volume of video cards that had a price that is almost three times that of last quarter. According to Jon Peddle Research, the total from June to September 2022 desktop video cards distribution reached an average of 6,886 million units.

There were numerous factors causing the collapse, which already started in April 2022. All the while inflation and euro/Dollar exchange unfavorable to us, the fact that the cost of video cards kept up very high all year long. Plus the wait for the new NVIDIA RTX 40 and AMD Radeon 7000.

Unfortunately in both cases the general public expectation was disappointed, and then continued to complain of the enthusiastic public. This is because NVIDIA was wrong in the first place because of its RTX 40 series in the first place.

If the RTX 4090 meets the public expectations, it remains a very high-end product intended for a few people and with a largely high price. One hundred thousand euros for the basics model from NVIDIA, and another twenty thousand euros for the underlying models as promised by ASUS, MSI, Gigabyte, Zotac, etc.

As for the RTX 4080, there was much talk about this, and it was extremely good performance, but a very good price for what it offers. A surprise is that they often remain unalive, gathering dust from warehouses or on shop shelves. The custom models aren’t available for less than 1 500 euros, but this narrows the market gap, meaning that still is very valid 30s.

It’s even more serious mistake of the RTX 4080 12GB recently rebranded as RTX 4070 Ti. The initial name is misleading in respect of the performance offered, so NVIDIA dropped immediately its sales. Now after resetting the shooting and even taking a $100 cut off the US price list price, its ready to be re-launched.

That is, on AMD Radeon, so it doesn’t certainly improve the data. The new 7000 Series video cards were only presented in November. They were only released in a few weeks. Which is why, even despite the aggressive price compared to the competition, aren’t included in the proposed analysis data yet. There is still a difficult finding out, and this will further reduce sales volumes.

Even the AMD Radeon proposal doesn’t satisfy a lot of gamers who use medium or low-end video cards. The usual monthly Steam survey, which was conducted at the end of November 2022, about the hardware of active users showed a situation where video cards are still masters. Specifically, RTX and 1060, 2060, 3060. Even if there is only a very small percentage of users using RTX 2070 or higher graphics cards more than 10%, the majority is expected to be precise.

The entire portion of the consumer market is still in the disconcert of new models, and we don’t even see any chance of them coming soon.

However, the last quarter of 2022 still recorded a positive increase. With the inflation being subdued, the Euro recovering, and the cryptocurrency market now on the sidelines, the prices of video cards of the previous generations have risen hugely. But even though you are not able to make sure the software works, you must assemble a good gaming system without stopping it.

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