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Rainbow Six Extraction Trailer Showcases Vigil’s Stealth Skills

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Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Extraction has received a new Operator Showcase trailer, this time focusing on Chul Kyung Hwa aka Vigil. While some Operators like Sledge rely on brute force, Vigil is more of the sneaky kind, utilizing his ERC-8 Disruptor to avoid detection from foes. Check it out below.

While possessing a similar device in Rainbow Six Siege, it could only make Vigil invisible to any video feeds, be it from drones or cameras. This one seems to be an upgrade, shielding him from the Archaeans even if they’re a few inches away. Players can then get behind them and perform a stealth takedown.

Rainbow Six Extraction is out on September 16th for Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Google Stadia and PC with support for cross-platform play and cross-saves. Those who play Rainbow Six Siege can avail of the United Front bundle in both games for free. If you play Extraction and hop into Siege for the first time, then all 18 Operators from the former will be unlocked in the latter.

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