The 5th of January 2023, 19:01 (Trade-style) by Manuel Christa Towards CES 2023, Razer updates its high-end notebooks from Blade’s processors with the latest Intel CPUs of the 13th core and the Nvidia GPUs from the 4000 series. In addition to that, there are various details, like the display. The Blade 16 is to replace the Blade 15 and offer a display with a new variant of dual mode, namely UHD+ with 120 Hz or Full HD+ with 240 Hz. Blade 18 is a 3-kilo epoch-like device, with the best graphics performance, and all of which feature its six speakers and five MP webcams.

The new Razer Blade 16 has a dual-mode mini-LED display, which can be switched between UHD+ with 120 Hz and FHD+ with 240 Hz. The panel, perhaps an IPS, is also equipped with the best HDR for notebooks, i.e. it has a peak brightness of up to 1,000 cd/m and remote dimming zones via mini-LEDs. There is no one in the community about the number of zones. The RGB area is totally covered, G-Sync is supported and the display is calibrated at the factory. It is a matter of time, isn’t it?

New Intel Core i9-13950HX and Nvidia RTX 4000 are the latest for Intel Core.

The new Razer Blades have the 13th core of the Intel processor. The Blade 18 is the new best model i9-13950HX with five GHz, eight P and six E cores. According to Intel press reports, the single-core performance of the new i9-13950HX is 11 percent higher than that of the i9-12900HX, and the multi-core performance is even more impressive. Only a Corei9 13th Gen is mentioned in Blade 16. Perhaps an almost identical model, with a slightly lower clock.

Both models should have the maximum TGP. In this case, the letter doesn’t apply to 16 inch notebooks. This means the new, yet still unknown, Nvidia graphics chips of the RTX 4000 laptop series can be operated with the best possible performance. And at least from last years, we know that Razer likes to use high-clocked Nvidia GPUs which do a lot of work, but also noisy. It isn’t known yet when new weapons will be used. According to Razer, the Blade 16 will start at 2699.99, while the Blade 18 at 2.899.99.